How Your Business Can Support Your Community

Dave Mortach
2 min readApr 16, 2024


Companies play a significant role in their local communities by providing jobs, goods, and services. A study conducted by Cone Communications revealed that customers are looking for businesses that support social issues and give back to the community. A company can create a stronger community that benefits everyone through partnerships with schools, organizations, and other businesses. It can also help employees stay engaged and improve the company’s marketing efforts.


Many nonprofits rely on volunteers to keep their operations running. To help boost the number of people involved, a company can provide its employees with paid time off. In addition, it can sponsor a charity each month or quarterly. Volunteers can help various local organizations during busy times of the year. They can provide valuable assistance in the areas of food boxes, cleaning, and painting. Not only will they improve the operations of the organizations, but they can also help employees feel more engaged.

Collect Donations

To encourage employees to give, a company can set up a donation box at its location. During certain times of the year, it can collect food items and send those to a local food bank. It can also hold a supply drive during the summer and provide school supplies to a local school.

Connect with Local Students

You can reach out to schools near your company and the schools that your employees’ children attend. You can give them an overview of your work and show them how your business performs, which can get them excited about a potential career. In addition to being able to talk to students, you can also provide them with a tour of your facility. This can allow them to understand better how the company works. It may spark an interest in a potential job or internship.

Share Your Work

Use platforms such as your social media accounts or newsletters to share what your company is doing. For instance, you can ask your employees to take photos with their group after volunteering or post a photo of an employee talking to a group of students. If you’re a sponsor of a local organization, you can also share a link to the organization’s website or social media page. Doing so will help bring attention to the group and let your potential customers know about your company’s support. It’s a great feeling to see local businesses supporting various charitable organizations.